No Dyes … to favour your health.

Dyes can cause so-called pseudo allergies. There are many studies which indicate that especially children show lack of concentration do to dyes. Even damages to the genome and immune system have been proved. Neurological damages and effects on blood counts and organs have also been noticed.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

B6 is a versatile vitamin, which boosts the nerves and the immune system. It regulates central processes in the metabolism and the body needs it to treat proteins. It develops messengers for the nerves and has positive effects on the immune system.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

B12 plays an important role in metabolic processes and is active in the degradation of certain fatty acids.
It supports blood formation by passing the folic acids which is stored in the organism in its active form.

Halal … It is pure and allowed.

The Arabic word „ Halal“ means in German „pure“ and „allowed“. The Halal quality seal ensures the Muslims that the product is free of alcohol and does not contain any forbidden ingredients. And all religious regulations have been considered by the production.

Aspartame free … to do not poison the body.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which is 200 times sweeter than glucose. Dangerous nerve toxins arise from Aspartame by Metabolism. Memory loss, depression, blindness and loss of hearing capacity are some of possible negative effects.

Cane sugar … the brown natural sugar!

Cane sugar is extracted from the juice of the sugar cane. The juice is cleaned, heated and evaporated. Thereby arises sugar crystals and treacle. Cane sugar comes mainly from Brazil or Cuba..

Vegan … because you live it differently!

Waiver of animal ingredients. Positive effect on blood pressure, blood sugar and Blood lipid levels. Lower diabetes risk. Vegetarians suffer less from cardiovascular-system disease and malicious tumours.

Volcanic Mineral Water … my mineral spring!

The water wanders over several thousand years, through the depths of the rich minerals volcanic rock all the way to the source at a depth of about 500 meters. In this way, it gets filtered naturally and absorbs carbon dioxide, which dissolves valuable minerals from the rock.

Pharmacy Listing … Registered Health Product (PZN).

Because of inclusion in the IFA database, HEAVY 1 is the only energy drink with a Pharmaceutical Central Number (PZN) registered as a health product. Therewith it is available in German pharmacies.